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If you have ever been in Hanoi, you might know that streets can be really busy and most of the times too risky for pedestrians to cross! In a town full of motor bikes where it is almost impossible to find a peaceful corner, I found mine in the most unexpected place, somewhere along Hanoi’s railway!

I never thought that a railway could be one of Hanoi’s most famous tourist attractions. But it was! I decided to escape the touristy part of it for a bit, and I headed away from the tiny backpackers’ bars. I started walking along the train lines.

There I was. Standing by the train lines, or at someone’s front door…or maybe backyard? I could not tell the difference! Some kids were playing; not with toys or video games but with each other! They seemed happy. A little further down I could clearly see a flock of chickens. They seemed happy too. ‘Life next to a railway can be beautiful’ I thought. It can be beautiful not because of money, or the view or the comfort. Not at all.  It is beautiful because of people living the moment. I decided to head back.

Most of the tourists were still there. They were still waiting for the train. They were hoping for a great picture. They were waiting for the ‘perfect’ moment.  I decided I did not want to wait any more. I realised that real life and traveling is not about waiting for the ‘perfect’ moment. It is all about making the moment perfect!

I never saw that famous train crossing Hanoi’s tiny alleys. And I never took the ‘perfect’ photo. But I was fine with it. I left with a smile on my face. I had seen what I needed to see. An afternoon walking along Hanoi’s train lines made me realise one thing; there is never perfect timing, perfect moment, or perfect people. If you want to follow your dreams you can do it no matter what.

Life is happening as I write these lines and it is up to us to live it the way we want. Because happiness is more profound. Happiness is in the moments, in your favourite plant, in someone’s smile, in your morning catch up with your neighbour, in your colourful wall, in your favourite book. Happiness is in us no matter where we are or where we go.

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