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Having travelled to numerous countries and having stayed in different kind of places I never expected to find one of my favourite and certainly one of the most well designed hotels in Siem Reap.

Indeed, Viroth’s hotel was a pleasant surprise hidden in a back street, just seconds away from the river and only a few minutes away from the local market. 

Angkor Wat with its famous temples is not far either! Viroth’s Hotel can organize a relaxed visit to the temples for you.

Its style, which is simple, colourful, modernist and at the same time influenced by Khmer art, dominates the place.

Yellow chairs, exotic little pots with flowers, pieces of Cambodian art, an open air lobby, helpful staff and the long tiled swimming pool are just a few of the things you will really miss after checking out.

However what is really worth trying is the super delicious food. You can book your dinner there even if you are not a hotel guest.

It will be impossible not to like Cambodian food after dining at Viroth’s hotel. If you are a pork and mint lover try the Laab dish.

On the other hand if you prefer fish, go for the Khmer sour soup or the Amok fish. Tasteful!

So if you love good food, privacy and simple design, a relaxed place like this could easily be your ideal destination! Find out more about Viroth's Hotel here

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