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Having been in Bangkok a couple of times, I wouldn’t really define it as a quiet or peaceful place.

However, The Siam Hotel is definitely a small oasis in this buzzing city. After a long busy day, it’s great to know that there is a cozy room and a soothing haven ready for you.

The Siam Hotel is not another ‘hipster’ hotel. And it is definitely not another skyscraper. Its colonial architecture and design can transport you to another era and its location just by the river offers a different view of the city.

After a long day exploring the city centre or the Palace in the heat, you will definitely appreciate this view, particularly during the sunset when the sky turns reddish and the view becomes even more charming.

But it is not only the view! At The Siam Hotel, it’s all about guests! Your personal butler will make sure that you will enjoy every single minute in this hotel by organizing all the details for you.

Rooms and suites are equally charming. Black and white colours dominate and the overall appearance is definitely an elegant reminder of another era.  

And when it comes to relaxing, such an incredibly peaceful ambience, like the one at the spa of The Siam, will help you get all the negative and stressful thoughts out of your head.

And the most important thing, if you are lucky, you might not even need to spend much time in a taxi or stuck in traffic since the hotel offers private boat transportation to all the guests! Believe me this makes a difference in a bustling city like Bangkok!

So no matter if you are a spa lover, a food lover, a movie lover or an explorer, you will find something to really like about this hotel.  Now, you might think that all the above sounds a bit like a hotel commercial – I promise it is not – but there are only a few places that are so special and The Siam is one of them. Find out more about The Siam here

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