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I am glad I can finally taste some proper Greek flavours in London – or at least as Greek as it can get in a city miles away from Greece.

Food at OPSO is definitely Greek inspired with a modern touch. What won me over was the ‘spanakopita’ (or ‘spinach pie’ as they would call it in English). If you have been in Greece you will know that Greek cuisine cannot exist without all the different kinds of ‘pita’ (pita in Greek means pie). OPSO is one of the few places in London that someone can actually find proper Greek traditional spanakopita – as you could potentially find it at a local bakery in Greece. So it is tempting!

However, the highlight of my lunch was the dessert; ‘Galaktompoureko’! I was really curious to see the modern version of this traditional Greek dessert made by the OSPO team. I was curious to see if it would meet my expectations. It definitely did!  Yummy, delicious, tasty!

So if you are passing through London and you are in the mood for something Greek, give it a try.

Don’t expect huge portions of food, so if you are really hungry most probably you will need to order quite a few dishes but you will get the chance to taste some classic Greek flavours with a modern twist. Bon appétit! Find out more here

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