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If you are a fishmonger for sure you can offer some fresh fish. That’s what I thought when I heard about this relevantly new fish shop and seafood bar located at one of the cutest streets of Chelsea in London.

So, I went. I ate. I drank. And I left super happy and full. I love newness and I strongly support it and leaving this place made me feel excited that I had experienced something new, fresh and original.

The menu varies from day to day but be certain that it is full of sashimi, cured or raw fish and some very interesting wine options including some excellent orange wine . The staff is very friendly and they make sure that customers enjoy every single dish.

During the day the space functions as a sophisticated fish shop while during lunch and dinner customers can enjoy the special creations of the Portuguese chef Leandro Carreira and his team. No reservations are accepted for lunch but booking in advance is highly recommended when it comes to dinner.

I don’t know if the name of this place was inspired by the famous novel of Iris Murdoch or just by the owner’s love for the sea - most probably both -  but I know for sure that it is not easy to find unpretentious and original places like this in Chelsea.

I simply can’t wait to go back and taste once again my favourite dish; cured Pollock with pickled potato noodles and fresh coriander!  Find out more here.

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