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1. When it rains, every step that an elephant takes can create a footprint-pond which by time will become bigger and bigger to eventually become a proper pond and a major water source for other animals.

2. Zebras' patterns are unique...a bit like our fingerprints. When a baby zebra is born, its mum will take it away from the rest of the group so that the baby gets used to her and learns to recognise the mum's pattern and smell

3. A lion’s mane can tell you many things. First of all its age: male lions start growing a mane when they turn one. The mane becomes darker as the lion grows so in most cases the darker the lion’s mane the older it is. Also, a darker mane is a bit like a strength and success symbol. Lions with darker mane are the most respected ones while female lions are more attracted to them.

4. By observing elephant tracks you can tell their height. Calculate the circumference of an elephant’s foot track, multiply it by 2.5 to estimate his height.

5. Rhino poaching is a huge problem in Africa. If things don't change, by 2030 there will be no rhinos in Africa.

6. Did you know that you can make a toothbrush using a branch of Magic Guarri plant? All you need to do is cut a young twig. That’s why some call it ‘Toothbrush Tree’.

7. Rebirth...sometimes great things can come to life when you least expect these wild mushrooms grow from elephant faeces. Beautiful, right?

8. Nature without rubbish is stunning. For the first time in my life I spent a few days driving around without seeing a tiny little piece of rubbish – nothing…absolutely nothing! And it made such a difference...needless to say, after getting used to a ‘rubbish-less’ world, seeing the first plastic bottle thrown roadside really hurt my eyes and my soul.

9. There are many more stars up there than you have ever imagined. And for the first time in my life I saw the Southern Cross. It is impossible to capture stars’ beauty no matter how hard you try. Simply give up, take a deep breath, look up and live the moment.

10. Last but not least...Life is short and the world is huge. If you have a crazy dream destination, a No1 on your bucket list go out there and make it happen no matter how possible or impossible it is. Today, not tomorrow. Once-in-a-lifetime experiences are the ones that open our eyes and our soul.

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