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If the Garden of Eden existed in the 2020s, it would be Villa Alba. This is exactly what I thought when I opened my eyes every morning and looked outside the window. The view? Exotically beautiful! The sounds? Magically soothing!

In a few words, if you are looking for a true tropical living experience in Ahangama in the real jungle – and away from the concrete jungle- Villa Alba might be the perfect hotel for you.

However, calling it a hotel doesn’t really make it justice as in reality it also serves as a private villa and it definitely feels like home.

With only five suites, an infinity pool, modern design, a cosy dining area, an exotic garden and incredibly smiley and accommodating staff, as well as the best freshly squeezed papaya juice -and I tried many during my trip- Villa Alba is probably one of the very few places in the area that make you feel like a modern Mowgli – a happy modern Mowgli!

So, what is really so special about Villa Alba? Happiness…I felt immense happiness! A type of happiness that lies in the little things.

A happiness that was stimulated by all my five senses: a gentle warm breeze  on my skin, coconut trees and rice fields on the horizon, monkeys and birds squawking, exotic flavours of mango and jackfruit, and the subtle scent of Ceylon cinnamon.

No matter how many places I will visit in the future, no matter where I will stay and who I am going to meet, there is one thing that I know for sure.

I will never forget Villa Alba’s morning views towards the paddy fields of Thiththagalla, the sound of peacocks jumping from tree to tree and the warm smile of Kalana and of the rest of the staff.

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