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Have you ever achieved the stage of absolute relaxation? And by absolute relaxation I mean thinking about nothing. Big, round, loud nothing. Well, I did achieve it at Laqua by the Lake…and right from the very first day!

Located literally on the shore of Lake Orta, Laqua by the Lake is the perfect place to relax. What makes it so perfect?

Is it the hotel staff, the facilities, or the service? Without doubt someone has properly thought through every little detail: from the welcoming reception area to the calming bathroom design and the perfect poolside tunes, this place has literally all you will need to simply forget about everything, enjoy the present and live in the moment.

Is it the food?It is obvious that this place is owned by someone who really knows what it takes to create the perfect dining experience: refined flavours, an intimate location, the right balance between smart and casual, great service and magical views. In other words, leaving Laqua by the Lake without trying its Bistrot would be a culinary crime that no foodie should make. 

Is it the water? I grow up in a city that is surrounded by water. I spent every single summer not too far from the sea. So, I am well aware of how precious water gazing is. I know how soothing observing the gentle movements of the water can be. And the more I grow older the more I appreciate it!

There is something healing about it. Maybe it is because life begins in water or simply because 60% of our body is water. Well, no wonder why I felt so peaceful at a place that is surrounded by water and that has some of the most beautiful lake views I have ever seen. Even its name includes the word water – aqua in French and acqua in Italian.

Yes, I think it’s the water!

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