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Do you ever wonder what the difference between any hotel and a good hotel is? My first thought was the price or the category, but then I thought not really...Then what about the design? Or, what about the location?

After thinking again and again about it, I realised that a good hotel is simply a hotel that makes you want to go back. And this is what happened with the Share Hotels KUMU Kanazawa.

Without doubt, my stay at The Share Hotels KUMU Kanazawa made me rethink about modern hospitality and what hospitality could look like in the future!

They say that Japan is a country where the past and the future perfectly coexist. If that’s true then this place totally represents the Japanese spirit. The hotel itself is so simple but still so interesting. Simple or everyday objects are being transformed into art or sculpture in a very unique way.

Traditional Japanese design, tatami floors, ‘warm’ wooden touches and dormitories blend in with spacious suites, modern Western or Scandinavian objects and ‘colder’ concrete touches. And somehow, among all these contradictions, guests feel completely at ease.

There is a continuous balance between contradictory elements that actually makes everyone feeling so welcome, no matter their race, colour, nationality, language, age and style. 

At this place all guests feel like home! This is what hospitality should be about, isn’t it?

This place not only made me smile but after checking out, I didn’t want to go! I actually felt like spending one more night there. And so I did! Find out more here.

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