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Pylaia Boutique Hotel is located on Astypalaia Island, in the heart of the beautiful Aegean Sea.

This place is a little gem! The entire island is a little gem. But what is fascinating is that there are still hotels that care about the island and do not create a touristy chaos. On the contrary, the owners of this hotel respect nature and they definitely respect their guests’ needs.  

There is a special ambience surrounding this place. Everything and everyone seem peaceful and relaxed. Time goes by more slowly; breakfast last longer since you can’t stop eating all the fresh breakfast treats and cakes; and you always take time to stop whatever you are doing to admire the view.

White dominates and together with the Greek architecture, even colours somehow look even more playful at Pylaia Boutique Hotel.  

Colourful little pillows on white background. Green and yellowish cactus. Green olive trees at each corner. Old black-and-white photos of the island. All the above keep reminding you that you are definitely in Greece - not that you could easily forget it with such a stunning view and such a sunshine.  

But this place would not stand out without its people. It is definitely its people who make it unique! Everyone I met at Pylaia boutique hotel love what they do and they personally make sure you will feel what Greek ‘filoxenia’ - the Greek word for hospitality- means. It is all about personalised relaxation and enjoyment. 

And I could not finish this post without mentioning the cocktail list which was especially made in order to reflect the islands traditional flavours - go for the 'Pylaia breeze’ cocktail which includes hints of Greek liquor 'masticha’. 

In any case, trying to describe the aura of the hotel would not do it justice. You need to experience it yourself in order to understand what I am talking about.

And if you are lucky enough to be there while enjoying a ‘Pylaia Breeze’ cocktail under the full moon light, turn off your mobile, save your camera’s battery and just live the moment as your eyes see it! Find out more about Pylaia Boutique Hotel here

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