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Have you heard about the Fibonacci sequence or the golden ratio? I am not a huge maths lover. I never was. However, maths is everywhere; in everything that surrounds us and above all in nature. No, I am not going to write about maths. But I do get goosebumps from time to time when I come across nature’s shapes - often overlooked yet unbelievably beautiful and symmetric. And this is how I felt when I visited Amanoi, one of the best hotels in the world and definitely a unique honeymoon destination.

Perfect harmony and symmetry in nature; sea shells, exotic trees and leaves, flower petals, waves and much more are a perfect example of Fibonacci sequence. It seems that Amanoi, part of Aman Hotels and Resorts, definitely embraces this philosophy because, once you are there, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, not only you admire the symmetrical architecture but you also realise how inspiring and flawlessly beautiful nature is!

Located in the heart of Núi Chúa National Park in Vietnam, where the Vietnamese mainland meet the South China Sea, this secluded luxury retreat with 31 pavilions and villas, harmoniously blends elegance, symmetry and simplicity with nature offering the highest standards of luxury and wellness. It is an ideal destination for travellers looking to pamper themselves and their family. It is the perfect getaway for honeymooners, for travellers that look for romantic beach hotels or for anyone in need of a soul-searching trip.

My first hours at Amanoi were full of rain, immense amounts of rain! ‘I travelled all the way to Vietnam to get soaked in the rain?’ I was desperately asking myself, when a member of the hotel staff handed me a brand new waterproof gear. ‘This will protect you from the rain’ she said smiling.

I don’t know if it was the waterproof gear that kept me dry in the middle of a tropical storm, the outstanding service I had just experienced or simply the smile, but I instantly felt better! From that moment on I knew that people at Amanoi would do anything possible to make my stay unforgettable. My frustration had disappeared and all I could think about was that beautiful pink tropical water lily floating in front of the main Pavilion.

The following days were full of gentle sounds of nature, colourful seashells, afternoon walks on the beach, magnificent ocean views, private candlelight dinners, early morning swims at my private pool, yoga sessions with a view, unique Vietnamese delicacies and unusual exotic creatures -some a bit more scary than others!

My favourite part was definitely waking up to all this green. They say that green colour not only relaxes you but it is also empowered with healing powers. Maybe that’s why!

One thing is certain; harmony in nature comes in many different shapes, forms and shades and Amanoi totally embraces this harmony. Find out more here.

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