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Finding some shade and a place to have late lunch are two things you will be really looking forward to after spending a long morning on a Sicilian beach soaking up the sun.

It can often be quite challenging finding both though! 

The sun is so strong that you will definitely need some sun cream if you are not lucky enough to find a tree and sit under its delightful shade.

And most restaurants usually close around 3 pm for a few hours. So make sure you sort out your lunch before deciding to go for another swim to the closest beach.

But if you are around Marzamemi, Liccamuciula offers both; great food and a shady welcoming cozy corner.

Located at one of the most adorable squares I have ever seen, it offers simple Italian delicacies, local wine and some freshly made granita which you should definitely try even if you are not a big granita fan! Granita flavours can be quite interesting there! What about almond granita? 

Before leaving, don’t forget to have a look at their little shop selling locally made products and books - you might need a few for the remainder of your Sicilian trip after all. Find out more here.

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