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Fresh peach, juicy watermelon, sweet melon in summer.  Tropical mango, refreshing lime, aromatic peppermint in winter. No I am not talking about my grocery list. I am talking about one of my favourite cocktail places in the world, Grifoncino Cocktail Bar.

Having lived in London for several years, I had the chance to sip many cocktails - obviously some were more successful than others - which definitely turned me into a huge cocktail fanatic. 

And as a cocktail fanatic, I love fresh fruits or ingredients in my cocktail! I also love creative people behind the bar that are ready to accommodate your drink needs! 

Hidden in the central streets of Bolzano city in South Tyrol, Grifoncino Cocktail Bar is part of Hotel Greif. In winter, it is a small ‘red’ hotel bar while in summer it is transformed into a little rooftop oasis in the centre of the city. And every cocktail is so yummy and fresh there!

You might not read about Grifoncino in glamorous ‘best bars’ articles or lists of but after you try it once, you will want to keep coming back so it will end up being at the top of your list!

For sure, it’s been a while since Grifoncino entered the top of my list! This big love began somewhere between a mango martini and a watermelon margarita. And, it was love at first drink!! Find out more here.

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