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Have you ever wondered what a truly Japanese omakase sushi bar would look like if instead of food there were cocktails? Gen Yamamoto might give you the answer.

But first things first, if you love drinking just for the sake of getting drunk, this is not the right place for you! At Gen Yamamoto you will not get drunk! And if you are looking for some music and a place where you can show off your dancing skills, once again, this is not the right place for you. Gen Yamamoto is a place for real cocktail lovers.

If you don’t know it, you can’t find it. And even if you do know it, it’s still quite hard to find this tiny sophisticated cocktail bar. Gen Yamamoto is hidden in Minato, central Tokyo, and it aims to change the way cocktail experiences are perceived.

Think about all the cocktail places you have visited. Think about all the cocktails you have tasted. Now forget it all because this place is like no other! Chestnuts, Nagano Shine Muscat grapes, fresh pears, Scottish Whiskey, South African Gin and Japanese Sake are just a few of the ingredients that Gen Yamamoto serves to his guests.

If you are as curious and indecisive as I am about which cocktail to order, don’t worry! There is just one tasting menu. Gen Yamamoto creates it himself for his guests and it is based on seasonal products.  In other words, you are going to taste most of them…yeayyy!!

So what is it all about? It is not about quantity. It is about quality! It’s about the art of creating cocktails using exceptional fresh ingredients and unique craft spirits! And it’s about tasting them…slowly with a lot of attentiveness and intimacy!

A couple of hours at Gen Yamamoto might be enough to provide the most creative, unforgettable, delicious, and unique cocktail experience! Just make sure you book much in advance as this beautiful old oak bar can only accommodate up to eight people – no wonder why there is a waiting list. Find out more about Gen Yamamoto here.

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