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I am not a big lover of ‘Baba au rhum’ but I am a huge fan of ‘Baba au rum’. Did I confuse you?

Well, I guess you have tasted or at least heard about the famous rum-soaked dessert, Baba au rhum, right? However, have you ever tasted a cocktail at ‘Baba au rum’?

‘Baba au rum’ is one of my favourite cocktail bars and it is located in a narrow street in the centre of Athens.

No matter if you are a local or tourist, just by reading through the cocktail list of this place, you will get intrigued. It is one of most imaginative cocktail lists I have seen.

Have you ever tasted a ‘smokin’ Mexican’, a ‘style it takes’ or a ‘square the circle’? If you are wondering if I have lost my mind, let me answer to you; no I haven’t! These are just a few of the cocktails I had the chance to enjoy at Baba au rum. And there are still many more to taste!

And of course, no need to say that it should be a must-visit destination for rum lovers!!

From another era, unpretentious and creative. These are only a few of the too many words that can describe this Athenian bar. Find out more here.

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