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A. Wong is a London based restaurant, located just a few steps away from Victoria station. It is one of these places that make the local restaurant scene a bit more exciting! It is also the first dim sum restaurant that managed to impress me. Why? Just keep reading!

I visited this place on a cold rainy day – typical London weather!  Unfortunately, the place was fully booked for dinner, but this didn’t stop me from checking it out. I managed to find a free slot for a fantastic dim sum lunch. So, although I didn’t have the chance to try the tasting menu which is available during dinner, I was happy to have found a great lunch place without wandering around in the rain. And it was worth every minute and every bite!

My joy kept growing throughout my lunch while some of the most interesting dim sum dishes kept landing on my table; wild mushroom and truffle bun, rabbit, and carrot puff, laughing Buddha bun just to name a few. Every dim sum dish had a unique texture, flavour and a little something that made it special. Therefore, every single bite transported me to a completely different part of the world, made me explore various cuisines and eventually different regions of China.

I ended this delightful lunch with the one of the best desserts I’ve ever had and possibly one of the most delicious dim sum dishes in London! Steamed duck yolk custard bun: one of A. Wong’s signature dishes and the reason why I decided to write about this place! No, I am not so easily impressed by dim sum, but the steamed duck yolk custard bun managed to impress me. In other words? Don’t leave this place without tasting it!

Two hours and ten dim sum dishes later, my exciting gastronomic adventure had reached an end and my taste buds were singing! China has quite a few cooking traditions with distinctive styles and flavours that in their own unique way contribute to the magic of Chinese cuisine. And an hour at A. Wong is enough to let you taste a little bit of that magic; what an authentic culinary journey!

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