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Days and nights at the edge of the world; this is how I would describe my stay at Kyrimai Hotel.

Located in Gerolimenas, a tiny untouched fishing village in the southern part of the Mani Peninsula and almost at the most southern tip of mainland Europe, Kyrimai Hotel is where wilderness meets civilization, where at nights stars seem so bright, where the flow of the waves soothes heart and mind and where suddenly everything seems so primitive and calm.

What makes this place so special? Its location that constantly kept reminding me how little we are compared to nature.

Completely covered in stone, one of humanity’s most primitive building materials, Kyrimai Hotel becomes one with the surroundings and no matter how I spent my day, I felt surrounded by the sea and completely one with nature – a bit like a modern Eve but in a bikini!

The long stone deck, where I spent most of my time sunbathing and sipping my freshly made lemonade, at night transforms into one of Greece’s most romantic restaurants.

Needless to say that ending the day with an intimate candle lit dinner under a sky full of stars accompanied by the sound of waves lapping just a few centimetres away from my feet is an experience I will always remember, right?  

What I learned after my stay at Kyrimai Hotel? We are nature and nature is us. In other words? Spending too much time in front of a screen sometimes makes us forget that being surrounded by pure nature is all we need to feel good!

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