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Usually, big hotel chains don’t fascinate me. And that’s why I did not have great expectations when I stepped into Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel Athens. But then everything changed. And here I am, writing about it.

A blast from the past or a strong dose of nowness? The first and only question I kept asking myself throughout my stay.

Located in Vouliagmeni, a tranquil suburb on the southern coast of Athens, Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel is a pine-tree paradise and where you will find some of Attica’s most cosy beaches.

As I started exploring the hotel, really eager not to miss anything, I kept catching myself gazing into the sea. And that’s when I realized that there was almost no spot across the entire hotel that did not offer charming sea views; rooms, spas, fitness areas, bars and restaurants offer one of the most beautiful things that Greece has to offer: stunning blue water views.

Originally built in the 50s and 60s, Astir Palace –as the original name of the hotel used to be- had transformed Athens into a glamorous destination and the place to be. It was the post-war era. It was the era of high-waisted bikinis. It was the era of typewriter and vinyl. It was the era of black and white movies and Kodak films. It was the era of Onassis, Kennedy, Bardot, Carter, Sinatra. And they had all walked down the corridors of Astir Palace.

And there I was. Walking down the exact same corridors - obviously refurbished. A sweet nostalgia hit me. Yes I could definitely sense a bit of the building glorious history. A blast from the past I thought and I smiled.

And that blast from the past is what makes this place so particular. And guests can sense it not only because of the building’s architecture  -that has remained more or less the same- but first and foremost thanks to the hotel’s staff that constantly tries to pamper you: from the delicious breakfast to the most relaxing massage, they all know how to make you feel the most special guest.

And if this is not what makes a hotel stay unforgettable then what is it?

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