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As I opened the heavy old wooden door, I entered a world full of colours, art, and history: the world of Aristide Hotel.

Located in the aristocratic neighbourhood of Vaporia, in Ermoupoli - the capital of Cyclades - and just a few minutes from the centre of the island, Aristide Hotel offers nine suites, a small art space, a bar, a beautiful courtyard and an even more beautiful roof terrace.

The second I entered the hotel, I forgot everything. I forgot where I actually was. ‘Am I on a Greek island? Am I in a Venetian town? Am I in an art gallery, a hotel or a neoclassical house?’ I wondered.  

You see, Syros has a very peculiar history. It is believed to be one of the earliest settlements in Greece, and one of the centres of Cycladic culture, dating back to the Bronze Age. 

Throughout the centuries, the island has been through ups and downs. It has been inhabited and conquered by different peoples such as Venetians and Ottomans, while a walk around the island will make you realise the strong Cycladic but also European influence.

And Aristide Hotel has managed to perfectly incarnate Syros’ cosmopolitan history. The owners have refurbished the old neoclassical building incorporating modern furniture, art-deco elements and artwork while preserving its original Greek elegance and charm.

For sure rooms and interiors are gorgeous but what stole my heart were mornings at Aristide Hotel. I honestly can’t think of a better way to start the day on Syros Island.

A delicious homemade breakfast and local delicacies such as Greek pies, local cheeses and caper marmalade served in the cutest courtyard I have ever seen on a Greek island, made me start the day the right way. And in case you want to know how I finished my day…sipping a refreshing cocktail at Aristide’s roof top bar, one of Syros’ most beautiful terraces!

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