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I always thought there are two types of hotels: the ones that let you down upon arrival and the ones that you cannot wait to go back to. Istoria belongs to the latter and this is why! 

Located on Perivolos beach, a black sandy beach in the heart of an unpretentious neighbourhood, Istoria hotel is an oasis away from the mess. With only 12 suites, it is the ideal place for those who seek a bit of beach life, privacy and at the same time want to enjoy Santorini Island away from the crowds.

Santorini can get really hot and packed with tourists. But the moment you step into Istoria, the stress melts away and you simply know that you are about to start a truly relaxing barefoot holiday! And let’s be honest…there is nothing better than barefoot summer days and breezy summer nights on a Greek island!

Well maybe there is…barefoot summer days that start with an amazing barefoot breakfast! From avocado on toast and Crepe-Madame to Greek salad and super healthy smoothies, Istoria’s culinary team knows exactly what it takes to create a truly delicious breakfast for every taste. It is nothing less than outstanding and by far one of the best hotel breakfasts in Greece.

And while you are enjoying barefoot summer moments, superb breakfast juices and traditional Greek pies, the hotel staff try their best to make your stay unforgettable. Nothing and no one is perfect but they do know how to go above and beyond to perfect any imperfection. And this is what I call great hospitality!

There is only one big risk; if you are a photo addict, just like me, you might end up spending half of your trip taking photos! Every corner is incredibly picturesque and looks like it came out of a magazine. Hard to resist!

So, turn your camera off, and instead jump into one of Santorini’s most exotic and relaxing pools. Close your eyes, listen to the music, and feel the breeze…in other words forget everything and unwind!

On an island like Santorini, where there are millions of tourists and different categories of hotels in all sizes and styles, Istoria is a unique category in itself: intimate yet lavish, exotic yet very Greek and simple yet stylish. I can’t wait to dive back into that pool and enjoy that yummy breakfast again!

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