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Havana had always been at the top of my destination list. What I had never imagined was that finding a nice place to stay in Havana could be so challenging. And it was!

That’s why when I finally stepped into La Rosa de Ortega I felt this overwhelming happy feeling!

La Rosa de Ortega is not part of any hotel chain. And it is not located in a multi-storey half abandoned building – you will find many of these in Havana!

On the contrary, it is a small family bed & breakfast business – or casa particular as it is known in Cuba. It is situated at a quiet neighbourhood called La Vibora – on the top of the hill overlooking the city centre.  

The house, which combines elements of colonial and Cuban architecture, is surrounded by a beautiful green garden – a true oasis away from all the hassle.

All the rooms are really clean, simple and well looked after – something hard to find in Havana. Vintage everyday items give the place a retro feel and beautiful floor tiles add some extra warmth and colour to your Cuban experience.

The swimming pool might not be huge but it can easily become your favourite spot, especially after spending a few hours walking around Havana Vieja (Old Havana) on a hot sunny day. 

Ultimately, La Rosa de Ortega is the perfect place to stay if you wish to avoid the super touristy city centre and get to know a different side of Havana!

If you end up staying there, have a look at all the different stuff decorating the hall and living room areas. Each corner is full of retro furniture and vintage household objects which might fascinate you and let you travel back in time! Find out more here.

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