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Although Trinidad is a popular destination among tourists, it has managed to keep some of its character, authenticity and colours. 

Trinidad is by far the most colourful place in Cuba. Colours are everywhere; on walls, cars, flowers, tiles, doors even on people's clothing.  

Music is also everywhere. In bars, restaurants, cars, houses even in streets or squares you can always find someone playing some music or dancing at any time of the day. 

Local people are also everywhere. Everyday life takes place outdoors, in Trinidad streets so it is impossible not to meet some of the locals.  

And although they always treat you as a tourist – no matter how hard you try to blend in- they are always happy to get into a conversation with you, pose for you and share their best smile on camera. It will be a true genuine smile coming from their heart so it is difficult not to appreciate it. 

So exploring the little town on foot is the best way to get to see Trinidad. Stop for a mojito or a Cristal – a local beer- as you will definitely need a cold refreshing drink - or two or three- with such a hot and humid weather. 

The best place to enjoy a drink is ‘Casa De La Musica’ (just off Plaza Mayor) . There, apart from a cool drink you can also enjoy a nice view of the square and from time to time a much wanted light breeze. 

Continue the exploration with a dinner at La Botija or at Esquerra for some grilled lobster. You might need to share your table with other travelers, who, in return, can share their own Cuban stories with you and potentially inspire you to continue exploring the rest of the world. 

Before finishing your little adventure try to get a better insight of Trinidad’s everyday life; a quick look at a local primary school can be an unforgettable experience. Students are usually on lunch break between 12 pm and 2 pm so try to get a sneak peak then! And a last note about Trinidad. Remember, no matter how hard you try to capture the vibes of this town with your camera, it might be almost impossible!

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