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Among Greeks Sifnos Island is famous for its delicious specialties and its cuisine. I don’t know if this is thanks to the special clay cooking pots that locals use or if it is thanks to Tselementes, the ‘Master Chef’ of 20th century, who was from Sifnos.  Whatever the case may be, if you are a foodie, Sifnos needs to be added to your list! Why? Because of all the yummy delicacies I am about to list!

One of the most popular dishes across Sifnos and other Cycladic islands is Greek ‘fava’. It is a velvety spread made from yellow split peas and it is usually served with a bit of olive oil, onion and capers. You can enjoy a very delicious dish of Greek ‘fava’ at Misso Misso while enjoying a nice beach view. My next favourite dish while in Sifnos is caper salad or ‘kaparosalata’ as Greeks call it. It is yummy, delicious, tasty and much more! 

If you happen to be on the island on a Sunday noon, you have to try ‘revithada’ at Simos restaurant in Kamares village. Revithada is a type of chickpea stew slowly cooked in a clay pot that is placed in a wood-fired oven. Revithada is famous for its Sifnian origins. It is actually said that locals start the cooking process a couple of days in advance, in order to enjoy a delicious Sunday ‘revithada’ lunch.

Speaking about revithada, don’t forget to try ‘revithokeftedes’, a Sifnian starter similar to falafel but with a Greek twist. Most probably, the most picturesque place to taste it is ‘To Steki’, a proper Greek taverna located almost on the beach of Platys Gialos.

What I am about to mention might not represent very traditional Sifnian dishes but for sure it offers some of the best seafood and ceviche dishes in Greece. Yes, you might have guessed it right. I am referring to Omega3, a cute seafood bar and restaurant at Platys Gialos. Once you have tasted the food of Omega3, you might find it extremely hard not to go back!

If you fancy some traditional Greek dishes with a modern twist, head to Cayenne in Apollonia village. You might notice that some resemble small abstract works of art. This is because the owner and chef is also an artist.

Of course, nobody leaves Greece without trying the famous Greek salad. However, the Sifnian version of Greek salad includes ‘xinomizithra’ cheese instead of feta cheese. Are you up for it?

I guess you might feel a bit more hungry by now! So, bon appétit or ‘kali orexi’ as Greeks say!

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